The Magical Stories of Bernard Malamud


The author Bernard Malamud is best known for two of his novels, The Natural and The Fixer, both of which were made into very successful movies. However Malamud also wrote many short stories, over the course of some forty years, which feature an amazing gamut of colorful and memorable characters, as well as compelling narrative lines.

I will be teaching a course on Malamud’s short stories at Oakton Community College’s Emeritus Program beginning January 22nd. The course will consist of six ninety-minute sessions, meeting on consecutive Tuesday afternoons from 12:00 to 1:30, concluding on February 26th.  For information on how to register for the course, which is called “The Magical Stories of Bernard Malamud,” please go to the Emeritus website

2 thoughts on “The Magical Stories of Bernard Malamud

  1. Hey Rich, I heard you talking with Rick Kogan today. Congratulations on the publication of your book. If I remember correctly, we were fellow Roosevelt student/cab drivers back in the 60’s in the Briar and Orchard neighborhood. I picked up a fare on Belmont one day going to Northwestern Hospital. He explained that he was starting his shift as a respiratory therapist and we talked about how he got interested in that field. That encounter led eventually to my 38 year career in respiratory care working in various hospitals in Chicago and western suburbs including a ten year stint as department director. If I can’t find Chicago Sketches at the bookstore, I will be ordering a copy from Amazon. Best wishes, Les Horne

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