I’m Teaching Two New Classes

I will be teaching two new classes in the upcoming 2014 Spring Session (although it really isn’t Spring) at the Oakton Community College’s noncredit Emeritus Program “for the student who wasn’t born yesterday.” The first class is “Midnight’s Children: A Closer Look” and will explore, in six Tuesday morning sessions (10-11:30 am), Salman Rushdie’s masterpiece that has been selected twice as “best of the Booker Prize winners.” The class begins on January 21 and ends on February 25. The other class offering is “Chicago in the 1950s” which delves into the significant cultural, political and social changes of the Second City in that mid-century decade. This class, also in six early afternoon sessions (12-1:30 pm) also begins on January 21 and ends on February 25. For full class descriptions and to register online (beginning Monday, November 18) go to http://www.oakton.edu/conted.

3 thoughts on “I’m Teaching Two New Classes

  1. Hi Richard;

    I’m signing up for the Rushdie class and can’t wait to have you walk us through this great (but difficult,) book.

    See you in January.


  2. I’m so disappointed that your (two) classes were cancelled at Oakton. Please keep me on your e-mail list. I’d be interested in attending any book discussion meeting/classes that you lead. Thanks, Diane

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