Visiting Wolfe

Last week we traveled down to Asheville, North Carolina to visit our friends Sheila and Mike who relocated there last November. Asheville is a pretty funky town nestled in a beautiful and mountainous part of the country. We stopped by the home where author Thomas Wolfe grew up, which is now a state of North Carolina landmark.

Wolfe is best known for his four long novels: Of Time and the River, You Can’t Go Home Again, Look Homeward Angel and The Web and the Rock. He also was a productive playwright and short story writer. Much has been written of Wolfe’s professional and personal relationship with editor Maxwell Perkins. The definite work on the topic is A. Scott Berg’s biography, Max Perkins: Editor of Genius. Now a movie is to be made based on Berg’s book, simply called Genius.

Colin Firth will play Perkins in the film. Nicole Kidman takes on the role of Aline Bernstein, Wolfe’s older and married lover, while Jude Law is cast as Wolfe. Interesting casting since Wolfe stood at 6 feet, 6 inches, while Law barely measures 6 feet tall. Meanwhile Asheville was abuzz all last week as Law was researching Wolfe’s old house and other venues of interest. Law sightings were the talk of the town.             Image

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