Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish


Over this past year, Ruth Aizuss Migdal has been a regular participant in the Cliff Dwellers book club, which I moderate, but more importantly she has become my friend.  I so enjoy her enthusiasm and insights, and her vigorous approach to her work, at a time in life when most others have retired to more staid interests. Ruth, you see, is a sculptor, and one of the best in Chicago. She just finished a magnificent piece entitled “Whirling Dervish,” which has been recently installed near the lagoon and field house in Chicago’s Douglas Park on the West Side.

Those of you with Chicago literary interests know that Douglas Park has been featured in the stories of Meyer Levin and Stuart Dybek. In the past, one could hear the sounds of klezmer and polka in this public space, nowadays replaced by hip-hop and salsa. The park still looks good, and invites you to stroll along its paths and take in its beauty during all of Chicago’s varied seasons. Please make sure you stop by to see “Whirling Dervish,” the latest addition to the cultural landscape of Douglas Park.

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