Discussion of Floyd Dell’s Moon-Calf at the Cliff Dwellers

moon calf image

Although he lived in Chicago for just five years, from 1908-13 (the 1910 census indicated that he lived at 1307 Morse in Rogers Park), Floyd Dell had a significant role in the emergence of the Chicago Literary Renaissance, especially in his role as editor of the Friday Weekly Review. Dell, who was inducted into the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame last year, was a colleague and literary advocate for both Carl Sandburg and Sherwood Anderson. Dell’s first novel Moon-Calf was the second best-selling novel America in 1920, only bested by Sinclair Lewis’ Main Street.
Moon-Calf will be discussed at the Cliff Dwellers book club on July 23. It is an excellent fictive account of a young Midwest journalist who recognizes the career limitations of small town life, and ultimately heads to Chicago to fulfill his potential.
Join us at the Cliff Dwellers on the 23th. The discussion is free and open to the public, and starts at 11:00 a.m. Stay for lunch and enjoy the beautiful 22nd floor view at the Cliff Dwellers, located at 200 S. Michigan, across the street from the Art Institute.

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