Max and Benny’s Jewish Author Series Begins Its Ninth Year

People are often surprised when they learn that the longest continuous Jewish Author Series in the Chicago area is not at a synagogue or a Jewish Community Center, but at Max and Benny’s Restaurant and Deli in Northbrook. The Max and Benny’s series began in March 2011 and is now going into its ninth year. Since 2014, the series has been running on a monthly basis. There have been about eighty author presentations so far and around 5500 people have attended these. There have been several non-Jewish authors featured as well, but these authors have each had a significant connection to the Jewish community.
The next featured author will be Nina Barrett, who will be discussing her book, The Leopold and Loeb Files, on March 25. The presentation begins at 7:00 in the evening, but most people arrive early enough to enjoy a delicious meal beforehand. Reservations are required and can be made by going to “Upcoming Events” on the homepage at

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