The Dial Bookshop

I recently visited the newly opened Dial Bookshop on the second floor of the historic Fine Arts Building on South Michigan Avenue. It is owned by Mary Gibbons and Aaron Lippelt, who opened the fabulous Pilsen Community Books on 18th Street two years ago.
The new bookstore is named after the Dial literary magazine that was housed in the Fine Arts Building from 1896 through 1916. The growing stock is tastefully arranged, and if it is anything like Pilsen Community Books, it will soon have shelves filled with books of interest to the discerning Chicago reader.
I encourage you to visit the Dial as soon as you can. It is open from at noon to eight Monday through Friday; and noon to six Saturday and Sunday. You must take one of the building’s iconic elevators to go up to the bookstore on the second floor, which is an interesting experience in and of itself.