Chicago Literary Hall of Fame Fourth Annual Induction Ceremony


The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is approaching, and the program lineup is outstanding. Thomas Dyja, the author of The Third Coast will be presenting for Ben Hecht. There will will be a rendition of one of his 1001 Afternoons in Chicago performed by Strawdog Theater and Contemporary Music.

Sculptor Richard Hunt will be presenting for Leon Forrest and Marco the Poet will be performing from Forrest’s novel, Divine Days. Author Rosellen Brown presents for Edna Ferber, while diva Lynne Jordan performs a song from Showboat. Ms. Jordan will also perform for honoree John H. Johnson.

Young adult author Blue Balliett is presenting for L. Frank Baum, while actor David Eigenberg from the TV show, Chicago Fire, does a reading from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Bob Baum will accept for his great grandfather. Penelope Niven presents Thornton Wilder, while Joe Meno does a reading from Wilder. Wilder’s nephew, Tappan Wilder will accept for his uncle.

The ceremony will be at Roosevelt University’s Ganz Hall (7th Floor), 430 S. Michigan, at 7:00 pm on Saturday evening, December 7. Tickets for the event are free, available through the CLHOF website,


The Wizard of Humboldt Park


Lyman Frank Baum lived in Chicago from 1891-1910. Baum wrote more than sixty books in his lifetime, the most famous of which was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written in 1899 when he lived at 1677 North Humboldt Boulevard. Most of his books were children-oriented, including the dozen or so Oz books, Father Goose, American Fairy Tales and Dot of Merriment. Baum’s stories of fantasy and whimsy continue to delight readers of all ages. He highly deserves to claim his rightful place among the most creative writers that have called Chicago their home.