Beth Finke Speaks at Max and Benny’s on September 16

Over the years, I had heard many wonderful things about Beth Finke. These words of praise were mostly from seniors who had taken one of memoir writing classes. And finally, at the celebration of International Women’s Day this past March at the Cliff Dwellers, I met Beth and heard her speak to a full house, that included sixty young women who were high school students in Chicago.
Beth, who is blind, is a truly outstanding inspirational speaker. She captivated the audience, students and adults alike, through a telling of powerful anecdotes relating her significant obstacles in life and how she devised strategies to overcome them. Beth is a master of interjecting humor into her stories, just at the right time, to lighten the mood for her listeners.
Two years ago, Beth wrote a book entitled Writing Out Loud. The subtitle of the book is “what a blind teacher learned from leading a memoir class for seniors.” I read the book and was blown away by the wonderful stories of these senior memoir writers.
I invited Beth to speak at an author night at Max and Benny’s. She graciously accepted and will speak there on Monday evening September 16, starting at 7:00 pm. Registration for Beth’s event is now open and can be found at “Upcoming Events” on the Max and Benny’s website

Literary Crime and Punishment in Chicago

I will be teaching a seminar at the Newberry Library entitled “Crime and Punishment in Chicago: Richard Wright’s “Native Son.” and Meyer Levin’s “Compulsion.” Both novels have been listed among the 101 publications that most shaped Chicago’s image. Five Wednesday evening sessions from 5:45 until 7:45 will be held beginning September 25 and ending October 30. Registration is now open at or call 312-255-3700.